Bathroom Renovations

Get the results you want for your bathroom renovation.

A bathroom is a place of peace and quiet. It’s also where you can relax and feel comfortable. TFK Kitchens & Renovations can help you renovate your bathroom to feel like a safe haven.

Designing your future bathroom.

A bathroom renovation may be in order if you have cracked, old tiles. Either that or mold on your walls/ceiling. These are some factors we look at when renovating a bathroom. Designing your future bathroom includes thinking about future maintenance. Moreover, preventing mishaps that could occur in the long wrong (like mold or mildew).

If you’re looking for an upgrade to your bathroom we can help in that aspect as well. Replacing old bathroom cabinetry or creating more space for organization are two examples. However, a brand new shower/bathtub is what can really update your bathroom. Your future bathroom deserves to feel comfortable.

Bathrooms built for luxury.

A bathroom is one of the smallest rooms in the house and the most used. Not only that, for some it might be the place where you spend a lot of time getting ready. While still made for its purpose, a few upgrades to your bathroom might make you enjoy it more. Talk to us to see how you can relax in an affordable, luxurious bathroom in your home.

Customize your shower or bathtub.

Looking at getting a shower or bathtub that fits your needs? TFK Kitchens & Renovations install walk-in showers, combo, electric, and custom made showers. Each type serves its own purpose and we can recommend what type would be the fit best for your bathroom.

Additionally, getting your bathroom renovated isn’t limited to large areas. A smaller bathroom can also be updated with new countertops or a new shower/bathtub. All in all, we renovate for the space of your bathroom.

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